Wednesday, July 31, 2013

September is Hunger Action Month

Join the nationwide effort to raise awareness about hunger

September is Hunger Action Month and there are many ways that hunger relief agencies across Maine can get involved in this national campaign. The theory behind Hunger Action Month is this – when we all raise our voices at the same time, with the same message, we’re able to break through the din and make ourselves heard.

Maine Community Health Options

We are excited to introduce our partner, Maine Community Health Options, Maine’s first nonprofit, consumer operated and oriented health insurance plan. It is the only health insurance solution directed by Maine people, healthcare providers, and small businesses and are dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality health benefits for the people of Maine. Maine Community Health Options will serve individuals and small businesses in all 16 counties in Maine, including a major emphasis on the presently underserved, uninsured, underinsured, or otherwise needy or vulnerable individuals and families in the State of Maine. To achieve this Maine Community Health Options is reaching out and networking with community service organizations throughout Maine, including our organization and our partner agencies statewide.

Monday, July 29, 2013

How Fresh Herbs Can Play a Role in Better Health

By Kaitlin Fayle, Cooking Matters Program

If you have ever felt concerned eating high amounts of canned fish or tuna because of high amounts of heavy metals associated with fish, then fresh herbs are the solution so all tuna lovers out there. It turns out cilantro, a commonly consumed herb, most famously served with Mexican cuisine, contains binding agents that allows it to absorb the mercury you consume.
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