Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Partner Agency Survey Results

Earlier this year, you were asked to complete a Partner Agency Survey. This survey had sixty-eight questions, ranging from basic operational details about your program, to your program’s top needed equipment items, to your experience working with Good Shepherd Food Bank. Over 56 percent of our partners completed this survey giving us some great data to work with to better understand the needs of the network. With this information collected, we are adapting some of the ways that we deliver resources to hopefully be more relevant and effective. One example is how we are redesigning our capacity building program. Please see the article about capacity building in this issue for more details click here.

We also want to share with you the results of the survey. This is a lot of information to share, so at the advice of our Network Advisory Council (click herewe are going to share pieces of the survey each newsletter. Your GSFB field representative is also available to provide more information about the survey.

This issue, we’ll share an overview of responses from the “Getting to Know You and Your Program” section of the survey. Thank you again to all who responded!

Of the 162 agencies who completed the survey:
88% operate food pantries, 16% are meal sites, 3% are shelters, and 8% operated youth programs. Some agencies do more than one type of food outreach. (see chart for survey question #4 below)

People who completed the survey were generally in a leadership role at the organization and had been involved with the organization’s ending hunger work for varying lengths of time (see chart for survey question #8 below)


Survey respondents reported their own age. More than half are 61 years or older, and more than three-quarters are 51 years or older.

The majority of survey respondents were unpaid volunteers of the organization.

Approximately two-thirds of the organizations have been partnered with Good Shepherd Food Bank for over six years, many for close to two decades.

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