Monday, November 25, 2013

Storm Policy for Good Shepherd Food Bank

One thing we can count on in Maine is messy winter weather, and it will be coming quickly!  Here's a reminder of Good Shepherd Food Bank's winter storm protocol:

  • Staff will consult on statewide conditions by 5:30 am the day of the storm;
  • Staff will decide on closures based on current weather and weather predictions;
  • Any warehouse closures will be posted on all major television stations (not our website);
  • Not all warehouses may be closed -- news reports will give locations of closures (Auburn, Biddeford, Brewer) or say "all locations."
If your program is scheduled for a delivery, and we are NOT going to deliver, we will call you. Please make sure we have your best contact information.

One Further Note:  On occasion, storms can change in intensity and direction within a short period of time.  Continue to check local television stations before venturing out (or sending volunteers) if there is any doubt as to whether Good Shepherd Food Bank is open.

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