Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Partner Agency Survey Results

In this issue, we will cover the second part of the “Service Information” section. If you missed part one of the “Service Section” in the Spring issue of our newsletter, you can easily get caught up here!

Of the 162 agencies who completed the survey:
64% of them, keep sufficient stock of food to ensure anyone coming at any time can receive food. Many agencies distribute all perishable products during their distribution, but keep a stock of non perishable items.
Q31 How does your program typically manage inventory?

Q32 How many days of food does your program strive to provide for each individual?
A quarter of the survey respondents strive to serve each person in the household 3 meals for 5 to 7 days. One third of the survey respondents give out product based on what they have available and how many patrons they anticipate serving.

Q33 How does your program get food to homebound patrons? (check all that apply)
31% of agencies have a delivery program. The majority of agencies allow another person to pick up food for a patron that is homebound.

Q34 How often are the following foods available for distribution?
The top three items survey respondents reported as always having available are meat, canned vegetables and canned fruit.

Q35 Do you feel your program…
93% of agencies feel they have a reliable source of healthy and nutritious food for their patrons.
53% of agencies feel they are able to provide sufficient food for patrons with dietary restrictions.
95% of agencies feel they are able to provide a sufficient variety of foods to their patrons.

Q36 Please indicate which of the reasons below are barriers to providing healthy foods. (check all that apply)

More than a third of responses report no barriers to providing healthy foods.

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