Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Food Safety Training Toolkit Available to Pantries

Good Shepherd Food Bank has created Food Safety Training (FST) videos similar to the presentations made to pantries three years ago. These videos, along with links to other helpful FST content, will be posted to our website soon!

There is also a test that allows those completing the training to demonstrate they understand key ideas about food safety. Once the test is completed, incorrect answers are highlighted and correct answers provided. Those who pass the test will receive a certificate of completion by email right away.

It is thought that having the training and test available electronically will make it easier for partnering pantries to refresh their FST knowledge and to share this information within their organization.

Starting in mid-May, all partnering pantries will receive an email directing them to have at least one staff or volunteer who is actively involved in the pantry complete this training. The goal is to have every program receive a certificate by July 1, 2018.

Meal programs such as soup kitchens and shelters will need to submit documentation of training by a qualified, professional food safety training organization, such as the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s Cooking for Crowds program or ServSafe’s Manager Training.

Our plan is to update training content every several years and have all partners go through a round of recertification to ensure that the network has a strong awareness of food safety best practices.

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