Friday, March 6, 2015

Eggs and More Eggs!

Good Shepherd Food Bank is expecting our first shipment of eggs for agency requests to arrive on March 12th!

Eggs will be available by online request only.
These medium, brown eggs are made available from Moark, an egg producer in Turner, to our Tier 2 partners for $.99/dozen, and to our Tier 1 partners for $1.07/dozen.  Each case holds 30 dozen cartons; eggs must be purchased by the case.

Later this month, Moark will be making their annual donation of eggs to Good Shepherd Food Bank.  We do not know now what the amount of the donation will be.  Those eggs will be available to Tier 2 partners only for a Shared Maintenance Fee of $.16/pound.  Because of the limited quantity and the low price, the Food Bank will be allocating those eggs to the entire network of Tier 2 partners. We'll have more news on this egg distribution later in March!
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