Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Potatoes Available for Partners' Online Request!

Good Shepherd Food Bank adds fresh product to our PWW system!

Good Shepherd Food Bank is excited to offer Maine-grown potatoes to our Tier 2 partner agencies on our PWW online shopping list! The potatoes are under the category MFMSPUDS and are the first stage of a pilot to get fresh products online and available to our agencies all over the state. These potatoes are grown for the Food Bank under our Mainers Feeding Mainers program.

We plan to add eggs and tomatoes as the second and third products that the Food Bank will have consistently available to our agencies.

Potatoes are a natural for online requests as they have a long shelf-life, travel well, and -- since they are locally sourced -- the Food Bank can have a steady supply.

Please do not order potatoes or any fresh product more than 1 week before your pick-up or delivery date.  

When you order potatoes, they sit waiting for you and cannot be accessed by other agencies -- even if they are going to spoil.

Please reach out to Good Shepherd Food Bank staff if you have any questions!  (And stay tuned for news on future fresh product!)
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