Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Holiday Food is on Its Way!

Holiday side dishes have been ordered and are making their way into our inventory!

Please be watching email this week for your program's allocation.  Read the email carefully; you will need to let us know how much of the product you want to have, and it will have other instructions as well. (Yes, we had hoped to have you be able to go online and order the product directly, but our allocation module will not be available in time.  Rather than have this very important product be a guinea pig for the allocation process, we will conduct this distribution as we did last year, by email.)

We will offer 5 side dish items to Food Pantry programs at a reduced price of 50%. This year we ordered Green Beans, Baking Mix, Stuffing, Instant Potatoes, and Peaches.  We eliminated Gravy from the list, so we were able to buy more of each of these items to help supplement what you may be able to receive through donations.

More news coming this week!

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