Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Picturing Hunger in America"

Kathy Helming, VP of Agency Services

I came across an interesting article on PBS's website the other day about a program in Colorado called "Hunger Through My Lens" that gave digital cameras to food stamp recipients and asked them to chronicle through photos what their experience with hunger is like.  The project was sponsored by Hunger Free Colorado, a non-profit in Centennial, Colorado.
I was struck by the creativity of the women who responded to the call for volunteers and who shared their stories so openly and eloquently.  I know that many of you are hearing similar stories from your consumers about their constant worry of not being able to afford the food their household needs, the impact a sudden illness can make on their family's food security, or how quickly unemployment can wipe out their family savings.  Read the article here and scroll down to the bottom to see a  short (6 1/2 minute) video which appeared recently on PBS's NewsHour.  
Capturing the stories of your consumers is a powerful tool in keeping hunger in your community in the spotlight.  While there are some similarities in the events that can lead to food insecurity, hunger and its impact is very individual and personal.
Are you interested in a video or photography project to bring awareness to the need in your community?  We'd be happy to help you get started; reach out to your Agency Services team!
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